There’s so much I could say to describe my thankfulness to God for all He is and has done. So, where do I begin?

Maybe I should begin and end my thankfulness this year with all the things I haven’t noticed. I could make a list, and have, of many things that God has provided and how he has blessed. But, I wonder what all He’s done that I haven’t seen.

Here’s what I know. God is greater than I even understand. That means He’s at work doing things that I don’t even know about. Also, I can safely assume God has done works in my life that I will never know about in this life.

As I look at the ultimate object of my thanksgiving today, the Cross, I know God has done so much. More than I could ever deserve and more than I would have ever asked. I remember too, though, that He’s always doing more than I will ever expect; whether I can see it or not.

I bet God’s done more in my life in the past year that I don’t know about than the things I do know about. So, this year I’m thankful for the myriads of blessing, help, protection and guidance that I didn’t even know He was doing.

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