There’s so much I could say to describe my thankfulness to God for all He is and has done. So, where do I begin?

Maybe I should begin and end my thankfulness this year with all the things I haven’t noticed. I could make a list, and have, of many things that God has provided and how he has blessed. But, I wonder what all He’s done that I haven’t seen.

Here’s what I know. God is greater than I even understand. That means He’s at work doing things that I don’t even know about. Also, I can safely assume God has done works in my life that I will never know about in this life.

As I look at the ultimate object of my thanksgiving today, the Cross, I know God has done so much. More than I could ever deserve and more than I would have ever asked. I remember too, though, that He’s always doing more than I will ever expect; whether I can see it or not.

I bet God’s done more in my life in the past year that I don’t know about than the things I do know about. So, this year I’m thankful for the myriads of blessing, help, protection and guidance that I didn’t even know He was doing.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s a video that we showed last night in our Service of Thanksgiving. It shows many, but no where near all, the things that we’re thankful for here at Vienna Baptist Church. It also shows so much of what I’m thankful for this year. God is good! Enjoy

Thanksgiving and Chest of Joash

Here’s an announcement video about some upcoming things about which I’m very excited. Hope you’ll take part!


Thankful for….

If you’re like me, you’re thinking a little bit about Thanksgiving by now. In only a couple days you’ll probably be with family, gathered around the table and celebrating with your normal Thanksgiving family traditions. We have our family traditions too.

It’s also a tradition, and certainly a good one, for Christians to think about that for which their thankful to God and count as blessings from Him over the last year. I have much for which to be thankful this year too but I think I’m going to break tradition.

I’m not going to thank God for anything He’s given me this year.

Ok, that’s a little tongue in cheek, not to mention the fact that I’ve been thanking Him all year long for His blessings but, this Thanksgiving, I’m just going to express my thanks for Him. That is, I’m just going to tell Him I’m thankful for Him. This is why:

God Himself is better than anything He’s ever blessed me with!

I don’t want to think about my thanksgiving to God in hopes He gives me more stuff or more health or more years or more anything of this world. I want my thanksgiving to lead me to more of Him. I think that’s the sentiment of the Psalmist who penned Psalm 50.

“The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me;
to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!” (Psalm 50:23)

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