The Heart of Christmas


God looks on those with low estate,
the ones the world can’t see,
His light of life shines on our face,
His grace and peace; it’s Christmas.

But how will He if grace to be,
come to all who have such need?
Through angel’s speech he starts his reach,
a gift to all; it’s Christmas.

A world that’s dark with little hope,
heard herald promise long ago,
fear to flee, injustice cease,
the world is pleased; it’s Christmas.

His love uncommon ways to show,
His choice through young and poor,
Is this the way in stable stay?
This Good News; it’s Christmas.

Now light has dawned without much splendor,
the manger lay the humbled king,
a child to grow in precious wonder,
we come with gifts; it’s Christmas.

A cross this leads to answer pleas,
of what God’s plan entails,
He’ll save through death and bring to rest,
this is the heart of Christmas.

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