Is it I, Lord? 4 Keys to Grace During Betrayal

My daily Bible reading took me to a passage this morning that I needed so much to read. I needed the reminder. There were two major polarizing events that occurred in the short passage I was reading in Matthew 26: The Last Supper, with Jesus demonstrating that His body and blood were about to save the world, but before that, the fact that someone was going to betray him.

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The Gift of Limits

The following is an article that Temple Seminary graciously invited me to submit for publication in the Aletheias Theological Journal. If you’d like to read the journal click here.

We are living in a day in our country and culture when there are as much uncertainty and fear as any time this generation has ever known. It is a generation of rhetoric. Truth has been relegated to post-modern relativity while political leaders have learned, since truth is relative, if you repeat something enough times, someone will believe it to be true—even when the person declaring it knows it to be false. What is all this causing? More than a divided country, it is also causing an unwillingness to try. Why? Because, in our day, if you try to do anything worth doing, it will be adjudicated in the court of public opinion, which for many is a frightening prospect.

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What Really Happens When We No Longer Think? A View of the Holocaust


I had the privilege of going to the Holocaust Museum for the first time today. If you’ve never been, you can probably imagine the kind of images that are featured at such an exhibit. Needless to say, the feelings that were dredged up in me were solemn to say the least. I don’t think anyone can walk through this museum without initially thinking, “how could this happen?” But the answer to that question is not that difficult to find.

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