As I Live

As I Live

A poem based on Ezekiel 34

“As I live” is the promise you made,

Expressing how it could be, how it would happen your way.

The darkest of times in which you made such a claim,

When I knew I was hopeless, broken, helpless, and lame.

So “as I live” sparked thoughts for this man,

A new day of promise from your own strength demand.

“As I live” is about what you will do,

“I myself” will seek, rescue more than a few.

I hear these words, spark a flame in my heart,

Yet here I sit feeling alone in the dark.

It’s not that I doubt for believe you I do,

I just wonder when it will be, when this promise come true.

Even waiting in darkness I still choose to hope,

While I battle the struggles in solitude grope.

I need relief, you seem far away,

A tension in this call that won’t resolve on this day.

It’s in your words I will seek my relief,

“I the Lord have spoken” not susceptible to thief.

I’ve met many who say but never seem to do,

O God what you speak I trust to come true.

When will I see this promise, blackness to end?

Right now it seems shadow’s my only dear friend.

For your assurance I wait and I soon hope to see,

The day your grace returns to fight the struggle for me.

I can’t see the future, don’t know when this ends,

Just believing that someday your power will mend.

The idols I’ve made are now starting to fade,

They’re mute, blind, and dumb unable to save.

But “as I live” you’re still saying to me,

I will wait in hope ’til your rescue I see.

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