What to remember on 9/11

As I remember September 11, 2001 I remember it vividly, as you probably do too. Like so many others I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I also remember how I felt. The thought of all those people who just went to work, another day like so many they’ve worked before. Then, out of nowhere a horrible tragedy  occurs that’s difficult to put into words.

As I reflect today, I sense the need to remember that day in some other ways too.

Jesus told a story in Luke 11 of some people who lost their lives in very tragic ways. Some by way of murder and others by way of accident. He told the story to make a point which was this: the people who perished didn’t do so because they were somehow worse people than those who didn’t. They perished because they were the ones who happened to be there.

He goes on to say, in a statement that can been difficult to hear, that the same thing could happen to us. It could happen to anyone. So, the most important thing we need to know today is that we’re in right relationship with God, through Christ.

As you remember 9/11 remember this:

Remember to live today ready to meet Jesus.

The Apostle Paul spoke of not being ashamed of His coming. That is, live everyday expecting Him, living your life with such a heart-attitude that you’ll be glad to see Him. Would you be happy to see Him today or ashamed?

Remember to make God the source of all your satisfaction and sufficiency.

He really is the only way to live a satisfied life. Work can’t do it, physical fitness can’t do it, the right boyfriend or girlfriend can’t do it; only Christ.

And, Remember the countless men and women who through the years gave their lives so what we’d be free to speak and write like this.

We all must remember today that freedom is not free. It wasn’t free for our nation and it wasn’t free for our soul. Every time I contemplate the cross of Christ I remember. And, every time I think of 9/11, I remember.

I still have that feeling when I think of 9/11. The fear, tragedy and horror. I remember all the pictures of the missing people posted on walls and light poles in New York. I also remember that I’m not guaranteed tomorrow when I live on this earth. I remember that God has used this tragedy at least for one thing good, to remind us…of our need for Him. 


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