Jamaica – Day 3

Another great day in Jamaica today. We began the day with some rest and relaxation at the beach. It’s the first time we’ve been to the beach on this trip. (We will probably get to go again for a while on Friday.) Needless to say, it was absolutely beautiful and incredibly relaxing to just float in the warm Caribbean water. Here’s a picture from this morning’s view:


After this morning we had a Jamaican lunch called “Juicy Beef” which is kind of like a hot pocket but you eat it wrapped in a piece coco bread. I’d put a picture of it here but I ate all the evidence before a picture could be taken. Wow, was it good!

Back to the Bible College after lunch with Cletis and we had a great time today teaching more pastoral theology to the students. Yesterday I introduced you to them by name; today I talked them into a group shot:


These guys really interacted well today and asked a lot of questions; I love that! Cletis and I also really enjoyed “tag team teaching” the class today. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow.

I want to share a little more today about the village we’re staying in. If you didn’t see the pictures I ended yesterday’s post with, scroll down and check them out. This village is called Granville and it is a very poor area. Because of the poverty there is a lot of crime, and though we haven’t witnessed any violence, it’s not safe for us to walk through the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, in one of the pictures I posted yesterday there is a man in red near our van. When he saw me take the picture he immediately yelled out that he wanted money for it.

We are staying in Granville and the Caribbean Christian School for the Deaf. This is basically a little gated compound that has a night watchman and tall walls around the entire school campus that have glass on the top to keep people from climbing over.


Don’t worry though, we’re completely safe!

Laura and I have had the opportunity to meet a sweet family that I want to introduce to you. This is the Daniel’s family. Jeff, Jodi and kids are here in Jamaica as missionaries and they oversee the Caribbean Christian School for the Deaf where we are staying. We’ve been privileged to get to know them some this week and will spending more time with them as the week goes on. I can tell you, that living in Jamaica is not like coming to visit. I’m sure that there are times that it’s very difficult for this family who just want God to use their lives for His glory. So, I’m asking for you to join me in praying for them. Will you?


Tomorrow I’m going to show you more of Bogue village where Bay Life Baptist Church is and the community they’re trying to reach for Christ.

By the way, our day concluded with Chinese food with Cletis and Tammy. That’s the last thing I thought I would eat in Jamaica but it was very good…..mon.

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