Jamaica Mon

For those who would like to keep up with our missions trip to Jamaica here’s the update from our travel day:

Laura and I made it to Jamaica about 3:40 this afternoon (Feb 23, 2013). Cletis Titus picked us up at the airport and our adventure began. The first awesome thing we encountered was walking out into 85 degree weather. That was awesome since it was 34 degrees when we left Greensboro.

After picking us up and taking us by to meet a Jamaican pastor, Andrew, Cletis took us to get some authentic Jamaican food. I had Jamaican jerk chicken and Laura played it safe with barbecued Chicken. This was the crazy part. Because of exchange rate here in Jamaica, I gave a $20 bill for our food and received $700 in Jamaican currency for my change! Wouldn’t be awesome if that happened in America?!


We went back to the airport at 8pm and picked Tammy up; so the team is all here! After that we went to the “Mega Mart” and spent over $3,300 Jamaican on 6 bottles of water, some cereal, bread and a few snacks. (Good thing the exchange rate is $94 Jamaican = $1 US!)

We’ll be worshiping at the Jamaican church tomorrow, Bay Life Baptist, both in the morning and evening. I’ll be speaking to the AWANA group tomorrow evening.

I’m looking forward to taking a ton of pictures and video. I’ll be posting them here, on Facebook and sending some videos in to be shown at our VBC worship service next Sunday morning. Don’t miss that!

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