Christmas Adoration

The above picture is of Ebenezer Scrooge. I thought it appropriate since I don’t believe in Santa Claus. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anybody.

I got a little heat last Christmas because I mentioned in a Sunday sermon that a news anchor said that Santa didn’t exist and the television station received all kinds of angry calls and emails from parents with terror struck children who just found out the easy way that mom and dad were leaving those presents under the tree which were signed “Santa.” (Let me say here that I don’t have a problem with kids having fun with Santa.) But….

I intend to spend my time trying to convince adults and kids alike of the One who does exist, not someone who doesn’t.

I’m writing and preparing for my Christmas series that I’ll be preaching this December. As is the same every year, I’m excited about December and the Christmas season, and at the same time I wonder if I can present Christmas in such a way that it will be fresh in the ears of many who have heard a thousand Christmas messages.

This year I’ve decided to preach about adoration. I’m not preaching to define adoration, I don’t think we need to do that. I’m going to preach several reasons why we would extend adoration to Jesus this Christmas and why it is He alone who deserves it.

So, let me challenge you with this:

I’m confident that many things other than Jesus receive much of our adoration during Christmas: families, parties, presents and the kids picture with Santa. None of these things are bad. But…

Jesus alone deserves our adoration!

My challenge; let’s make sure “Come let us adore Him” is more than a song this Christmas. Jesus Christ is worthy of ALL our adoration.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Adoration

  1. Enjoyed the first sermon in the Adore Him series. Looking forward to them all and the singing specials. Just wanted to say that when we were making the decision to do Santa or not in our house…..we decided not to. The reason was we didn’t want to lie to our children. we didn’t want to have to say one day….well mom and dad have been lying to you and Santa isn’t real. I just really didn’t want to break their hearts cause it broke mine when I was told. Now I don’t think it’s bad that other parents do the santa thing and I have no idea how my kids will do it for their children. we haven’t discussed it. I am happy with my decision. I don’t think I’ve ever lied to my kids and I’m proud I’ve never had to. that was my goal.


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