God Has Not Forgotten

I was reading through the flood narrative this morning just thinking what it must have been like for Noah as he spent all those years building the ark. God not only asked to do something unprecedented but it also took as many as 55 to 75 years for him to make it happen.[1]

Can you imagine? God giving you a task that will take so many years to fulfill? Of course for us today, since we don’t live 800+ years, 55 to 75 years is a life time. But, the days were just as long, or short as it were, in the days of Noah as they are today. A task that takes ten years, or even five years can seem like an eternity!

But, I’m reminded in the story of Noah that God is working out a pretty big plan of which He’s chosen to develop over a long period of time.

So, what kept Noah going? I’m positive the Noah was just as human as we are. I’m sure he had the same emotions, the same seasons of life (some good and some difficult) and I’m sure Noah had times when he was wondering why he was doing what he was doing. Don’t you think he ever stopped and asked himself, “Why am I building this ark,” in all the years that he labored to do so?

Through Noah’s story, however, the same phrase pops up four times between Genesis 6:22 and 7:16, “Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him.”

Noah continued in the work that he was commissioned by God to do, even in the days it was difficult to do so. Then, some of the greatest words in the Flood narrative during the most devastating time in human history, Genesis 8:1 happens, “God remembered Noah.”

If you find yourself in a difficult season with the work God has called you to do, just remember, God hasn’t forgotten you! It may be a difficult season but as you continue in faith, just as He did with Noah, God will remember you.

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