Jamaica – Day 6

Laura and I woke up with the sun this morning which was fine since the day was to begin fairly early anyway. After a bacon and egg breakfast prepared by Cletis, we headed to “First Step School” where I was asked to do a devotional with the kids. I knew I was to speak at a school, but I found out this morning it was preschool age. Yikes! Not exactly my normal age of audience.

Never the less, the kids were so cute! You should have hear them sing! My favorite song went something like, “Not knowing Jesus is like a donut, you’ll have a hole in your heart.”

Like I said, they were adorable:


I guess I should mention too, the drive into downtown Mo-Bay on Friday morning was very busy; people everywhere!

After the school we took about a 70 kilometer drive to Negril. This is a major tourist area on the Island. As a matter of fact, many of the people who come to Jamaica for vacation, land in Motego Bay and then travel by bus to Negril. This made the road from Mo-Bay to Negril the nicest road we’ve traveled on.

We went to a place where people cliff dived first. Don’t worry, didn’t even think about it. But, the scenery was spectacular:



After that we went to a market place where Jamaicans have their businesses selling items to tourists. Here we met a woman who ran one of the places and haggled over the prices of some keepsakes. It felt a little like we were a part of American pickers for a minute. I even said, “meet me halfway and give it to me for $7.50.” (If you’ve ever seen the show you know one of their favorite lines is, “meet me halfway.”)



After buying a few things we headed to Margaritaville for lunch and a couple hours on the beach. Needless to say, it was very relaxing. The day ended with a trip back by the Bible college to collect the final exams from the class and back down the mountain home.

Great day!

Tomorrow we’ll be going into Bogue village with Pastor Andrew from Bay Life Baptist to tell people in the neighborhood about the church. I’m really looking forward to that!

I’ll finish off this post by asking you to pray. If you’ve been following, I’ve introduced several families and villages that need our prayer. Would you consider pausing for just a few moments right now to pray for Jamaica, the Titus’, the Daniel family, The Otto family, for Bogue village and for Bay Life Baptist church?

Jamaica – Day 5

Day five was the conclusion of teaching at the Bible college. What a great week it was! I realized at the end of this day that I had the privilege of teaching young preachers whom God will use to reach many people in Jamaica. Chances are, I will never see them on this side of heaven again. But, how awesome it is to spend time pouring into someone so far away from my home. The thought is almost over whelming. My prayer for them is that God use them to do great things for the Gospel in Jamaica.

This morning we spent some time at the Jamaica Relief Mission. This is an orphanage up on the mountain about twenty minutes drive from where we’re staying. (Here twenty minutes is just a few miles away.) There we met the sweetest family from the states who are here for a two-year commitment to oversee the orphanage. Their names are Phil and Teresa Otto. They along with their children, and several other “nannies” from the states, take in children who have no parents.

The campus of Jamaica Relief Mission is a beautiful place that used to be a hotel and restaurant. Cletis told us that Johnny Cash even stayed here back in the day.

Here’s one of the main buildings:


Here’s the view they have looking down onto Montego Bay:


The Otto family are still trying to get adjusted to life here in Jamaica. As I said in and earlier post, living here is much different from visiting. Just getting used to living in a place where all your doors and windows have steel bars locked over them and living in a gated compound is difficult. (Tammy told us earlier tonight in a conversation that you never feel you can let your guard down.)

Laura and I are committed to pray for the Otto family and I want to ask you to pray for them too.

Tomorrow morning we head to downtown Montego Bay. I’ve been invited to speak to the students in a school there. This will be our first trip downtown, except a drive through one night earlier this week. After that, we’re going to a town called Negril for some R and R.