New Bible Reading Page

For all who want to read the Bible with me, I’ve created a new page on this blog on which I’ll update the plan each day. I’ll keep several days up at a time just in case you get a little behind. Also, there is a link beside each Old and New Testament reference to take you to the Bible on so you can read if you don’t have your Bible with you.

Just scroll up to the top of the blog page and click the “Bible Reading Plan – 2013” tab.

If you’re subscribed to the blog by email, you will not get an email alert when I update each day. You will need to go to the blog ( each day, click the “Bible Reading Plan – 2013” tab and read there. I’ll try to send out reminders now and then.

Happy Reading!

Want to read the Bible?

2 Tim

Do you ever have a desire to read the Bible but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe, you want to read the Bible more but you struggle because you don’t have plan to keep you accountable. Well, I have a solution and an opportunity for you to read along with me. I always keep myself on a Bible reading plan, that I create myself, so I will always be consistent to read the Bible every day. Just the thought of being behind uses my OCD To motivate me to stay current!

So, each day, I’m going to publish my reading plan on the blog. There’s a couple of options for you if you want to participate:

1. You can choose to read Old Testament or New Testament.

2. Or, if you’re feeling a little more zealous, you can read both everyday.

The reading plan that I began today (I always set my reading plan by quarter of the year) consists of reading the Psalms and Proverbs through the quarter and reading Paul’s letters to the churches this month.

Here’s where your reading begins (If you choose to accept this mission):

Psalms 1 through 5

          – or –

Romans Chapters 1 and 2

Feel free to leave any devotional thoughts in the comments. Happy Reading!