5 Ways We Kill Without Killing – 1 Key to Giving Life.

“You shall not murder.” Four words. For most, not difficult to follow.

But, this is part of the Ten Commandments, commandments that all Christians are instructed to live. I know I’m not supposed to murder someone and I’ve managed to not break this Commandment for the 45 years of my life. I suspect whatever your age you’ve been able to keep from doing this too.

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Religious Liberty – American Christian’s Most Important Pursuit?

I’ve had a lot of response from my post about Kim Davis and my opinion about what she’s doing. I thought it may be beneficial if I share the underlying truth that drives me to my conclusion. This especially since the topic brings much debate and because some Christians may struggle to understand why I said what I said. (If you haven’t read that post you may want to take time to read it by clicking here).

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