An Audience of One – A True Story of Remembrance

In early 2010 I sat in a meeting with church leaders. I had been a senior pastor for just over a year. We were having a meeting to discuss a new building that was to be constructed to house our church in the next year. This turned out to be one of the those meetings a pastor never forgets.

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The Great Divide

Unless you’re living in a vacuum, I’m sure you’ve noticed that on many major issues of our time, the people of our society are greatly divided. This division in thinking and ideology seems to be widening by the minute these days. But why?

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Kim Davis — Kentucky Clerk — Martyr? Really?

With social media all a buzz about Kim Davis, the clerk from Kentucky, and so many Christians ready to make her the next Christian hero, I’m finding myself not so ready to do that. By the way, I am a Christian. By that I mean that I am a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. But, my take on Kim Davis may be a little different from yours.

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Randy Alcorn quotes Adoniram Judson in this video. I thought this might give you something to think about as you live your priorities and make your choices today. Today matters, what matters to you?

Brief Thoughts About Eternity from Randy Alcorn on Vimeo.