HB2 – How should a Christian deal with the controversy?

It goes without saying that the House Bill 2 in North Carolina, also known as the bathroom bill, is causing more than it’s fair share of controversy. As you probably know this is a legislation that is being presented in many states in one form or the other. And, the controversy is no less in any of those states either.

It seems also that the mainstream media has found tremendous ratings fodder by broadcasting and  stirring more controversy into the topic which has set the social media world into it’s normal inferno of argument. So, before you weigh in with your responses on your friend’s or some strangers post, Here’s a couple of encouragements I have for you:

  1. Be informed. Unfortunately, as with any controversial issue these days, most of the war is fought in the court of public opinion which is carried out widely on social media. The problem is this: so many weigh into the argument without being the least bit informed. So, before you decide to speak, you should probably read the bill (insert sarcasm here). Here’s a link to House Bill 2 so you can be informed: HB2. Here’s a link to another article that may also be helpful. HB2 Article.
  2. Ask the right question. No matter what side of the conversation you land on, there’s a pivotal and very important question that needs to be asked: what is the purpose of this law? I believe I know the answer to this question but before you can come to a conclusion about it yourself, you must answer this question too. Have you?
  3. Don’t say things that aren’t helpful. I believe this is pivotal for those on both sides of the issue, but I want to speak specifically to those who call themselves Christians. We have an opportunity. We can either use that opportunity to divide or to reach. Unfortunately I see Christians, and even pastors, speaking in ways that are not helpful. So, to publicly ask, “what wrong with America? why are we even having to have this conversation?” as a vitriol toward the LGBT community is not helpful. And, by the way, the answer is the same thing that’s always been wrong–we live in a fallen world made up of broken people.

What should the Christian do? Love. Does that sound crazy? Well, here’s some of what Jesus said we should do:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” (Matthew 5:43–44) I’m not saying that the LGBT community is an enemy. They’re people. Though we do indeed believe very differently about sexuality and how sexuality should be lived out, they’re not my enemy. But I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying. If Jesus taught we should love our enemy, certainly within that He intimated that we should love those with whom we disagree even if that disagreement is intense.

Did you know that you can take a position on an important and controversial topic and still do it in love? I hope I’m demonstrating in this post that we can have a conversation without being unnecessarily controversial or unloving.

In case you were wondering, do I think that all multiple occupancy public bathrooms should be made unisex? No. But my position on this is not a discriminatory position. And, I’m pretty sure that’s not the purpose of the Law. If you don’t agree with my position please don’t decide indiscriminately that I hold it to discriminate. (See what I did there.) So, before you believe that the law was created simply to discriminate against the LGBT community simply because that’s what the mainstream media wants you to believe, think. Then, if you must speak, speak in love and in ways that are helpful. Then, when it’s time, vote your conscience.

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